How we work

Always competent, reliable and punctual.

To be able to offer you a high quality and stylistically confident translation, we rely on your help.

When making an enquiry please describe your wishes as accurately as possible:

  • What kind of a text is it (image brochure, sales contract, company presentation etc.)?
  • The text volume
  • How much time do we have to complete the job?
  • Please provide 1-2 sample pages of the text to be translated so that we can get an idea of the sort of text in advance.

This is how we can make you an individual translation offer.

As soon as you have decided to take advantage of our service, please provide us with – as well as the translation documents – as much extensive reference material as possible: already completed translations, glossaries, abbreviations etc. This ensures that the standard terminology used in your company remains consistent and that the translation is true to style.

For an interpreting assignment we also request that you provide us with reference material, e.g. presentation documents, info brochures etc., for preparation purposes.

Please also give us the details of a contact person who we can ask any questions we may have. This helps to eradicate any possible ambiguities and to avoid linguistic misunderstandings. This is the only way that we can create a text in a foreign language with the desired appeal for the desired target audience.

It goes without saying that all information which we take from your documents will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence and only saved for translation or editing purposes.

We will deliver your completed translation by the agreed deadline per e-mail or as a data carrier with or without printout – as you wish.

Your opinion is important to us!

We also want to hear about the aspects that you were less satisfied with. This helps us to make our work even better and to constantly offer you a high level language service. After all, we want you know that your assignment is in good hands.